‘Fix Me’ message in Particle Tutorial

I’m sorry, there won’t be any solution in the short term. I am unable to put out a ‘fix’ release until I complete version 7.2. I’m at a critical point in writing version 7.2 and if all goes well it won’t be long before it is available. But, I have to say that 7.2 has been giving me grief and I am not certain all will go well.

When I try to perform the operations in the published particle tutorial, I get error message pop ups saying ‘fix me’ and the program does not behave the way the tutorial says it should.

What is the reason for this, and how to you correctly generate animated particles?

Sorry about that. That’s very embarassing. ‘Fix Me’ messages should never be part of a release. I’ll have to take a look.

Amabilis Support – What was the result of your investigation?

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