Extrude Shape Building Tool Problems (resolved)

When using the "Extrude Shape Building Tool" you cannot save your work nor view/use the tutorials.

Is there a solution to this? If not, please fix this as soon as possible as 3DCrafter 9 is useless to me otherwise.

Thank you.

3DCrafter 9.1 will include a "Tutorial Viewer" that can be run while a shape builder is open. Unfortunately, there is no work-around available in version 9.0.

Until version 9.1 comes out, you can just close the Extrude Shape Building Tool (view the window close butto) and save in 3DCrafter itself. Then double-click the shape created to re-open the Extrude Shape Building Tool and resume where you left off.

I expect it won’t be more than two or three weeks until version 9.1 will be available. If you are desperate, a preview of version 9.1 (preview 4) will be available in the next few days, which will include the new "Tutorial Viewer", and the fix for the Extrude Shape Building Tool. But, there might be other bugs, since it is still in the "preview" stages.

This is resolved for 9.1, and 8.2.xxx. It was a problem with both.

I should have it released later this week.

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