Extrude / Clone / Window size / etc…

or an alternative chamfer operation that produces a curve instead of a single new face when applied to a single edge.

Changes / new features suggestions :

1) Full size window for ‘texture cropping’ and ‘unwrap operation’ (edit: I forgot UV-map and UV-remap windows)

2) Clone with reference (example: I build seats for a train car; I just need to update one to change all of them; 2 possible references: the 3D object alone (not the texture); the 3D object and its texture).

3) Make one change on an object (one line in object layer), apply it to an object or a group of objects (useful for changing clone objects without reference; maybe very difficult to implement).

4) Move an object to make a selected face parallel and in contact with another object’s face (extremely useful when building 3D cab when adding objects on a panel tilted in several directions; It was difficult to build my first 3D cab without this feature… and 3D cab is mandatory for TRS and KRS).

5) Extrude tool : selection of pre-defined shapes in the upper right panel. For example, if it is a circle, it could be a way of building pipes.
At the start of the process, choose width / height ratio. For a curved shape, choose number of edges.

6) Group selection tool with lasso.

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7) Extrude tool enhancements (complements point 5)

I am making this black joint around the window:

Then, I can use union to add the joint to the body (I hope union is working OK).

To do this quickly with the Extrude tool, some enhancements would be needed (I can do it some other ways but not as direct):
1. Backdrop image in XZ plane
2. Curve type: line (to match more easily with the XZ backdrop image and lower polygons count: one edge in this window would correspond to one section of the object)
3. (items 1 and 2 are more important) In XY window: ability to mirror as, in this case, the section is symmetrical


8) Extrude tool (again)
Extrude using different shapes along the extrude direction.

9) FSAA control in 3DC (working with FSAA option ‘application controlled’ in the video driver)

10) Rounded edge cube primitive (also called chamfer box in gmax / 3DS).

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