Exporting a Track Cap problem with TrainSimWizard (resolved)

Exporting a Track Cap file, does not work with the Train Simulator Wizard.
When using track as type, the value ‘track’ is added to the group custom field.
Also the main group name is altered from 1_1000_Ballast to 1_1000_track.
And that is what Railworks doesn’t like, it needs the name 1_1000_Ballast in the Track Cap file to work properly.

This applies to the the Train Simulator Wizard in both version 8 and 9.



So, 3DCrafter adds "track" to the name? I can’t seem to find that anywhere.

Can you clarify this for me? Thanks.

The Train Simulator Wizard alters the name of the main group.
This is the hierarchy just before exporting.
The group names are correct for the Track Cap to work in Railworks.


After using the Train Simulator Wizard, choosing Track as the type and the Ballast part as the primary part, the hierarchy looks like this.


After importing the IGS file back into 3DCrafter, the hierarchy look like this.


1_1000_Ballast is altered to 1_1000_track.
Now the Track Cap file does not work anymore, because Railworks expects 1_1000_Ballast instead of 1_1000_track.

I hope it is more clear now.



What are the values of the custom group fields? That seems like a real possibility to explain this.

It does not matter if the Custom Group field is filled in or left blank.
The Train Simulator Wizard replaces anything that is in that field, with the type you choose in the Train Simulator Wizard.
The first choise you make, "Project Type" Rail Network – track.
In this case the word "track" is placed in the Custom Group Field.
So the main group becomes 1_1000_track instead of 1_1000_Ballast.
Rail Simulator or Railworks only recognize 1_1000_Ballast as vallid, so with 1_1000_track the track part does not work.

Difficult to explain for me in English, so I hope this helps.



Can 3DC just be told to stop renaming and moving stuff for a railworks export.
I think thats what Gerrit is getting at. Its really counter productive having groups renamed and moved when how you have it set out is the way Railworks requires it to be.

I would rather have stuff left the way I have set it out to be honest.

Maybe a better feature would be to have the option to pre determine the name of the Developer and the folders that the export goes into.
In the source folders.
I use NZTSWS as the developer and BigPeter as the Subdeveloper (if you like) followed by project type (building) etc and then the project name i.e Sunset_hotel.
It seems such a pain to have every export go into a folder named Developer and then have move it all. The wizards so good at getting all the textures and files in the one place, now all we need is it to be in the Right Place….. and stop renaming and moving groups….

The idea behind the Train Simulator Wizard is to make things easier for beginners. So, it’s expected it won’t be to everyone’s liking. Having said that, I’ll look at the issue with tracks.

Is there ever a reason to change it to "track". I can’t imagine why I did that if it wasn’t required under some circumstances.

Ok, I see where it sets the value to "track". Is this never correct? Or is this only correct under some circumstances?

The value Track is never correct for track making in Railworks or Railsimulator.
I hardly use the Trainsimulator Wizard myself, but I came across this error while helping a user at the UKTS forums who could not get his track working , while exporting it with the Trainsimulator Wizard.
I think it’s best to leave the group naming as the users makes them, specialy for track making and rolling stock ( wheels and bogie names etc.)
Also the ability to export to your own developer folder ( as Peter suggest ) would be a good feature.



"HondaWizard":2b7lub3e wrote:
I think it’s best to leave the group naming as the users makes them, specialy for track making and rolling stock ( wheels and bogie names etc.)"[/quote:2b7lub3e]

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I strongly disagree with this. The whole point of the Train Simulator Wizard is to assist beginners (mostly) in getting a model ready for a train simulator, and part of this is creating correct names for things. For those who don’t want items renamed, the standard exporter is available. BUT, having said that, names are only changed when things are identified initially, and are not changed unless someone specifically re-identifies something. So, in a way your "don’t change names" is how things are now, except during the initial identification. Or at least that’s how I "think" it is. I’ll have to check, and if that isn’t true, it’s a bug and I’ll fix it.

So, what is the correct name for track, if "Track" is wrong. And, is there a consisent name for track? I guess I can find the developer documents and find it in there.

The user defined developer folders would be handy. I just have too much on my plate at the moment.

I had a look in the developer documentation and it seems that "Track" (not case sensitive) is used as well as "Ballast"/"Rail" (case senstive). So, what do I use?

That would be "Ballast" for the main part and "Rail" for the rail part.
It is case sensitive for the Track-Cap part, the normal Track part doesn’t seem to matter.



not quite the same topic, but is it possible to ask/tell the TSwizard to export the textures only?
It is what I use it for the most, to insure I have all the textures I have used exported to ace in one go.

I guess I don’t understand the difference between "Ballast/Rail" and "track". I’ll probably have to limit it to "track" and the user can modify the Rail Sim fields as required to export the "ballast/rail" version.

I have added a new option to the Train Simulator Wizard to allow the custom fields (such as Rail Sim) not to be defaulted. This solves the problem since a user can now enter whatever they want in the custom fields and be sure that 3DC will not change it.

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