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[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][font size=’-1′]quote:[/font][HR]Originally posted by pwillard:
Really complex shapes should be avoided. Especially as scenery objects.

I made the rounded edge of the bridge without using ‘merge’. So it is made up of 2 simple objets (the rounded part created with intersection and a simple cube).

The result is much less triangles, an identical look in 3DC and, at last, it works in MSTS.

I am using version Pro (Windows XP SP2 + Radeon 9000 Pro).

Thanks in advance for your reply to the following questions.

1) Export to MSTS problem 1

I started my first object for MSTS. It’s a metallic bridge made of sections of pairs parallel X shapes (It looks quite nice in 3DC !).
I can import 1 pair of X shape object into MSTS route editor (the X shapes were made by union of cubes primitives and some shear operation).
But I group 2 (or more) such objects, MSTS route editor tells me there is something wrong with the .s file. However I can read the s file with ‘route riter’.

I used the plug-in to export. But I just read in the forum to use instead the Export function. May be it is the solution ?
May be I’ll have to build the bridge from pieces in MSTS route editor (not an easy task to make adjustments in this poor tool).

2) Export to MSTS problem 2

In fact, for this bridge I started to build a complete edge with 12 pairs of X shaped object. As it didn’t work, I started making smaller section (see point 1 above).
Quickly, the export process seems very long to the point where I was wondering if 3DC was not in some infinite loop.
How do I know the number of polygons? (3000 / 4000 seems a maximum; In the case of my bridge, I would however be surprised that I went that far)

3) Texture

When my bridge will be OK, I’ll make an electrical engine (locomotive) + car. To be able to apply different texture on the body, faces must be divided in order to apply different textures ?
I am thinking of the edge of the body with the doors. It will be built as with big flat faces, but texture will change along one face.

4) Import of 3DC object

If I want to put an object from one scene into another, the best way is to export the object to be imported in DX format ?
I was surprised not to find an import in 3DC format.

Hey DOM1107…

I am pretty new too… Dove in with 3DC a week or two ago.. So far I like the product very much…

One problem I had with my first exports – make sure your group names do not have spaces in it… I think that caused me to have a shape file that would not load…

To count then POLYS – you need to have an additional plug-in loaded… It’s called ‘Count Triangles’ and you can run it on the entire scene or selected group or object… Works great… POLY limits in MSTS – I think approach the 10K range… Although for a scenery object you want to keep them as low as possible…

Anyways – some guys will more experience will need to answer the other questions – I am a newb too… <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

Welcome aboard and good luck…


Thanks for your reply.

I used the count triangles script and noticed there were too many triangles.

I simplified the X shape with a simple cube primitive + texture with transparency.

I have 2 remaining problems :
a) rounded shape ends prevent the object from loading
b) After removing these rounded shape ends, the 2 extreme X shaped panels look as if 2 textures were applied.

Nobody for questions 3 and 4 ?

[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][font size=’-1′]quote:[/font][HR]Originally posted by DOM107:
4) Import of 3DC object

It seems that the answer is ‘component selction tool’ / ‘export selection’ / ‘3DC Object’
‘Component Panel’ / ‘Add Object to Library’

Note, you can also select a whole group or hierarchy of objects and export to the library.

[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][font size=’-1′]quote:[/font][HR]Originally posted by Paul Gausden:
Note, you can also select a whole group or hierarchy of objects and export to the library. [HR][/BLOCKQUOTE]


And for texturing (question 3), after some forum reading it is possible to add textures (what limit ?).
… each texture applying to a whole face (at least).

Really complex shapes should be avoided. Especially as scenery objects.

I think you should try to understand how useful the library is. You add PARTS ro a parts library, either from a scene you acre currently working on or from loading the 3DO files that you exported.

Yes, Each face can have it’s own texture. Making overly complex items with many textures might make it look nice, but *IF* the sim likes it, the general community might not like what it does to the SIM performance-wise.

So no, you can’t IMPORT 3DC, you ‘Import’ parts as 3DO files and pull them from the Library menu. I do it all the time.

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