double side (resolved)

any idea where the double side operation has been moved to in 9.0.4 ???
Have the double side script. But the operation is missing???

in the operations folder of 9 there are 3 files. DoubleSide.dll DoubleSide.sxs.manifest and DoubleSide7.sxs.manifest

but they are not showning in options-operations etc

Hi Peter – that’s one of my extras, not part of the standard product.

Not sure if I did a version for 9.0.4 but it does exist for 9.1

ok, seems not, but thats ok, if its in 9.1, I will be updating as soon as the current projects out of the way.
Maybe you are the one to write a 3dc file viewer, that just lets you open a 3dc file to view it without all the crafter tools etc.
a simple 3dc shape viewer. <!– s:ugeek: –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_ugeek.gif" alt=":ugeek:" title="Uber Geek" /><!– s:ugeek: –>

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