Dissapearing faces?

BlendATexDiff indeed is a crappy shader.
Tried to change it to TrainBasicObjectDiffuse.fx and that solved both problems! <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>
I did not know that shader supported TRANSPARENCY.
I am using alpha cut-outs to save polygons and allow greater freedom for repainting.
I do know how to go about cutting holes but I don’t think it worth the effort when an alpha cut-out can do the job.
My windows are single double sided faces with BlendATexDiff shader exactly as described and those work fine.
Might add 3d window frames, will experiment and see how it looks if I think it worth the extra polygons.

Many thanks for the advice on the shader, this was driving me nuts.

I’m having a problem not only with my RS/RW model but also how I should label this thread.

Got a carriage built with exterior/interior as usual.
Windows are alpha channel transparency holes in a BlendATexDiff material.
Interior is BlendATex (no diffuse) with transparency holes for windows.
Window effect are separate alpha TRANSLUCENCY polygons behind the the blended polygons.
For added 3D effect I have a polygon in front of the other polygons with a BlendATexDiff TRANSLUCENCY material.
The layers for the model is thus;
1) BlendATexDiff TRANSLUCENCY 3D effect
2) BlendATexDiff TRANSPARENCY exterior
3) BlendATexDiff TRANSLUCENCY window effect
4) BlendATex TRANSPARENCY interior (opposite side)
5) BlendATex TRANSLUCENY window effect (out opposite side)

Now the problem which I can’t understand.
The 1st layer is only visible in RS if looking upwards.
Interior is brightly lit if looking upwards but dull if looking downwards.
First I thought this being a view sphere problem but it is not, I’m having the centre of the objects well in view.
Tilting the view it is very obvious the change when tilt is negative or positive regardless the position of the camera.
Any thoughts or input appreciated as I can+�t make anything out of this problem.


My guess is there is an issue with the alpha sorting.

However, before trying to fix that, my advise is to redo the shaders. BlendATex(Diff) is a crappy shader, I really wouldn’t use it at all, except for the actual glass itself.

For the exterior part, I would use at least TrainBasicObjectDiffuse.fx, but preferrably Train(Bump)SpecEnvMask.fx. Nothing beats a bump map on a long, smooth side of a car.

[Edit:] – The TrainBasicObjectDiffuse.fx shader allows Transparency. So, if you want to use the alpha cutout method (easier and more flexible repainting, for example), this shader would be a better way for the exterior and interior sides of the cars.[]

The window holes I would create as cutouts in the exterior part. You could do that by using the boolean operations, or (my choice), run the ‘inset’ operation on the exterior face, then select the inset face and devide it vertically until you get to the number of windows (and spaces between!) you need. To get rounded edges, you can use the chamfer tool or (better) add a 3d window frame.

When the exterior hull is done, clone it, rename it to interior, shrink it slightly in x-direction, and place it inside the exterior hull. You must invert the faces, which you can also do by first double siding it, then deleting all outside faces. For this interior hull you can use the Tex shader, so it will be always lit. Between the two ‘hulls’ you can now add a window object, a single double sided face on each side will suffice, and apply the BlendATexDiff with Translucency to it.

With this method, you will have some more work, but the end result will be worth it.

I hope that makes some sense.


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