Disappearing bogies for an automatic loco in a scenario

I removed a part of my loco and noticed that on AI trains, when I get closer, the bogie lifts up a bit (thus disappearing in the body).

No such thing occurs in a manually driven train or in the asset editor.

(Also posted on uktrainsim)

Hey Dom,
So is the bogie in fact turning around and lifting. And this is after using normalize etc ….??
Wow how very strange.

Problem solved thanks to this reply on uktrainsim:

"jivebunny":3iap3yz4 wrote:
You need to check your bogey’s pivot point, both on your model and in your locomotive blueprint. The bogie’s pivot on the model should be at x=0 and z=0, and the bogey pivot in the blueprint should be around y=0.45 to 0.5 (Y is the vertical axis in RW…). Railworks initially loads only the main model (including the bogies and wheels), it only loads the pivot point information when a player train approaches, to reduce the number of calculations in the sim. If you go into the scenario editor and place your locomotive on a very sharp curve with no driver icon you’ll see that the bogies are "straight" and don’t curve to match the track until a player locomotive approaches.


oh, ok thats one for the FAQ file.

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