Crossing Lights/Zero animation

Conner and I have been working on sorting out how to build barrier arms with Lights and sound in 3DCrafter. we have had a lot of advise and help, and for this I thank you.
Now we have concluded that the lights animation is added by railworks, However it does require a animation file with zero animation.
I understand this can be done with Max ok, so how does one produce a zero animation file in 3DC and export that as a IA file so railworks can produce a .BAN file to animate the crossing lights……

Secondly the sounds we have do not seem to work in railworks dispite the fact we have a BP and the audio controller blueprint.
The only thing I do wonder is how does one get a <LoopCondition >[b:djrrwi04][color=#BF0000:djrrwi04]ValueMovesPast[/color:djrrwi04][/b:djrrwi04]</LoopCondition> in the audio controller blueprint, it does not seem to be one of the options available in that controller BP.
Are we using the wrong Blueprint or have we missed something.

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