Creating Animations for Trainz Railroad Simulator

What are some good tutorials on creating animations for scenery objects in 3DC Pro to
work in Trainz Railroad Simmulator.

How is the animation.kin file created?

Hi Howard,

anim.kin is automatically created with the .im file if you animate the model in 3DC and select the animated object export option for the plugin.

There are three choices that come up with the export function

1) Whole tree including animations

2) Non Animated Only with Attachment Points

3) Animated Groups Only

The top choice should do the trick than and create the anim.kin. I have a question at this point that comes to mind insofar as can a model have attachment points and animation?

Now suppose that I am using this methodology and for those who don’t remember it took me 2 years to figure out how to make alpha channels work in trainz I am persistant anyway hopefully this animation business will go faster. If this seems humorous I intend it to be as I am only doing this to have fun.

I create two fence posts and use the 3DC Pro merge object feature to create one object. I than have a gate in between these two fence posts this object is unmerged and unjoined.

I click on the Animate button on the bottom of the screen move my gate a little bit and hit the andgt; button move it a little bit more and andgt;. When the gate is slid all the way open and I play the animation we have a moving gate.

When I export this model I click on the fence posts and export using choice 1 or 3 and no anim.kin is created.

If I have been descriptive it is because I am omitting something very simple and obvious there is something else I have to do what is it?

I would like to work this out as I would like the track gates on this platform pictured to open when a train arrives on the platform within .5 meters of the track gate.



I ran into an ani.kin file on my computer. The file was apparently created it just didn’t end up where I expected it to.

Some progress is being made on this.

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