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I’m trying to make an animated louvre. Rather than modeling and animating each individual blade I tried copying one animated blade using the Shape Duplicate tool in the right border. Naturally it copies the object multiple times but not the animations. Is there a way to duplicate objects along with their animation?

Not easy to copy animations – you could try my anim-export and anim-import scripts if you have them.

Thanks for the reply Paul. Had a search for instructions on using the scripts and found a post by you saying [quote:3tn5ufhf]Anim-Export – Click on an animated group (or object in it) and it will export a text file with the animation parameters.

Anim-Import – Click on a non-animated group, select the text file. It will then recreate the animation exactly.

Tried this but could not find a txt file anywhere after using Anim-Export. Tried selecting the recipient object anyway and selected Anim-Import but no animation was copied. Obviously doing something wrong. Using 3D Crafter v 8.2.7. build 1126. I had selected the single object rather than the group though, so maybe I went wrong there. Had to do it the laborious way in the end.


Hi Jim – OK, I’ll check the scripts and report back here for future reference. Copying animations is quite a useful function.

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