Chamfer tool highlighting

This is going to some hunting. Probably I’ll find it one day by co-incidence.

Using the chamfer tool to round off some edges.
Noticed that after first rounding of one edge then selecting the next edge and clicking the chamfer tool at first both the
current chamfered face and the previous chamfered face is highlighted!
Proceeding to adjust the chamfer the highlight changes to only the new (correct) face.
Some kind of buffer of highlighted faces that is not emptied to start with?

ATI problem again?

1) Drop a cube in an empty scene
2) Select a cube edge (key 2 + left click)
3) Chamfer operation
4) Select another cube edge (key 2 + left click)
5) Chamfer operation

If that’s what you’ve done, I noticed no highlighting problem at all (GTX8800 + W7 64).

Sort of but noticed it in a bogie I’m building.
Doing it your way there is no problem here either.
Going back to the more complicated shape the problem remains.
Thus not simple to reproduce, shape is converted from 7.1.2 if that has something to do with it.
Anyway it’s a small problem only temporarily showing wrong highlight.

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