Cant double click object

Solved the problem. Milepost now works. <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

Hadnt realised that you start the placeholder numbers from zero for each number object. Doh!


As I have had no response from RSDL I hope someone on this forum may be able to help?

I made a milepost but it wouldnt show the mileage when placed in game, just the placeholder digits, however, the object was selectable.

Realised I hadnt made the placeholders sub-objects I modified the 3DC file accordingly and created a new milepost which I can place in the route along with its track marker, and it seems to look right.

I can select the new milepost to move/rotate it using the circular selection tool, but I cannot double click on it to get the flyout on the right so I can alter the mileage.

I am struggling to understand what I need to do to correct the problem. Any ideas?


I dont know but in the tutorial ‘How to make a simple viewer facing tree’ on uktrainsim:

Step 40 G�� Now, because you can not select viewer facing objects in Rail Simulator we need to make a selection box.

Step 41 G�� Create a box in the top view, 6M x 6M x 6M.
Step 42 G�� Name the box: 1_0200_Selection (this means you will only need to be within 200 M to select the tree in game.
Step 43 G�� Right click the box and convert to edit poly
Step 44 G�� in the X, Y,Z fields in the absolute world column press 0 so that the box is centred around the world axis

Step 45 G�� We need to apply an invisible shader to the object. In the material Click on the Standard tab and select Kuju Material, then click OK.
Note G�� We will be using the Invisible shader. Once picked nothing else needs to be done, it does not use any textures. Assign this material to 1_0200_Selection

maybe you must make a selection box object?

Brilliant, that worked a treat!

There was a slight problem because 3DC insists you texture the item to export it, but Rail Simulator ignored the texture, so invisible shader worked.

Unfortunately, I now have a further problem. The Milepost shows values upto 9 ok, but for 10 and above only the 1 shows, I still get the placeholder digit in the second position.

Needs more work!


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