Cannot enter minus sign in extrude operation properties (R

Seems to be working correctly here.


I cannot type in -0.1 in the extrude amount or bevel fields, but can use the up/down buttons to make a negative number, I can then edit the value to keep it negative.

The same appears to be true of other operation parameters too.

The up/down adjust buttons for the tip operation don’t seem to be working at all.

I also hit a situation where I could not edit any of the extrude parameters but restarting 3DC cleared that problem.

I found and fixed the problem with the Tip operation.

But, I can’t find the problem with the Extrude operation. Can you try it again? If that doesn’t work, can you reset your 3DC settings via the Help menu?

Can you now enter the – sign in the extrude amount/bevel fields?

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