BB17000 (engine with 3D cab)

Here is a Google Translation of the web page:

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A few updates for v2.1 (including larger needles / brighter color for some meters):




Some images in RW3. It’s a big improvement from RW2.

Without any change, shadows are visible for all the engine elements. I’m wondering if the &quot;stencil shadow&quot; from RW2 might disturb the rendering a bit. Or maybe it’s not rendered when TSX is selected. The &quot;stencil shadow&quot; being useless, I’ll remove it on a next release of the model.

The rendering is much better than in RW2.

I noticed that the cab window is darker and an incorrect look of the main console (the panels where the meters and buttons lie is too bright (RW3 bug? something I should fix?):

As always, very nice model en textures.




The good news is that the current exterior texture is working OK in TS2012.
I still have to check the cab problem.

I had a lot of lofts ( track, roads and walls) that had dark faces on them since upgrading to RW3.
An optimize and re-export solved the problem.
Maybe someting to look at for your cab problem.



I tried 3DC optimize geometry + reexport….No change unfortunately.

Using the new TS2012 spot lights.

Real nice work – Dom…


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