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I have a problem with 3DC attachment points for Trainz. I was able to put them in my models but in Trainz they all appear as red cones and they do not work. I’m using 3DC 7.12 and Vista.
I don’t know what I did wrong, any ideas ?

Thanks for your help.


The attachment points must all have group names of a.xxxxxxx and must all be attached to the main group.
The cone should not appear in TRS as it is the group axis point that is used as the attachment point.

Thanks Paul, I will check the names of the groups.


Sample 3DC/TRS Locomotive here:

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If you take a look in your plugins folder for a file called timex.htm that might also help with creating TRS models.

Thanks for your help Paul.


Hi all, Im still not being able to export to Trainz without red Triangles for attachment points. Even when I export your sample locos Paul they still display red triangles in mesh viewer.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Hi Jason,

Let me know the 3DC version you’re running and try to describe the exact process from loading to exporting that you are doing.

Remember – you must have an object or group selected before running the exporter.
Also that TRS can require several exports from a single model.

Hi Paul, I am using 8.2.

The sample loco works for me with 8.2

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Hi Paul,
I think it was just the mesh viewer program that was causing the problem by showing the att.points. When I used shape viewer all was correct, no points showing.
Thanks for your help,

July 14, 2011

I am using 3d Crafter I am curious how attachment points for trainz work in this program.

1) I used the face selection tool to highlight the face I want the attachment point used on.
2) I selected the plugin for trainz attachment points and got my triangle with the vertices.
3) I moved the attachment point and oriented it to the proper position for track blue facing up
4) I named them a.track17b etc.
5) I exported using selection number 2 Non animated with attachment points
6) Get an error from Trainz version 2010 attachment points not found in mesh.

The plugin appears to be working fine there must be an additional step needed what is it?


The attachment points went thru when I highlighted the model the group for the model each attachment point and the group for those attachment points than exported to trainz. This 3D Crafter is working differently than previous versions. Higlighting was done from the tree grouping and holding down the control key.


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