Any Current Tutorials on Exporting from 3DC to Trainz 12?

I spent all weekend plugging away at creating a simple scenery structure and can\’t find a complete set of instructions to take me from dropping a cube onto my 3DC scene to selecting the asset in Trainz Surveyor… I\’ve found bits and pieces and trying to put them together. Ian Morgan\’s old \”Tool Store\” instructions helped me very much get used to 3DC again, even though the instructions are for exporting to MS Train Simulator. Paul Gausden\’s notes here have helped a lot, especially his note on \”Hold down Ctrl-A and click on the solebar object of the main model\”. That solved a bunch of problems for me yesterday. I\’m now at the point of where I can get my asset to be seen in Content Creator (with textures 😀 ) and can preview and rotate the object properly. Once I commit the asset, it displays as \”faulty\” in the list. From the other threads here, it may be my config file. I\’ll try to find some examples of other Trainz 3DC assets and follow their config file structure. SteamDrivre has some old west buildings that were created with 3DC.

Paul, I imported your \”GWRClutter\” package into Trainz 12. Did you create those objects with 3DC? Maybe I can use your config files as a template too.

Thanks everybody for your help. If there is no such tutorial out there, if I can get all the way to seeing my object in a Trainz route, I\’ll try and put a tutorial together for future newbie like myself. 🙂


There are no new tutorials, not many people use 3DC for Trainz.

Is there a file called timex.htm in your plugins folder? There may be some help in there but that’s quite old too.

All my objects for Trainz were made with 3DC you’re welcome to use the config files.
With TRS I always found that 99% of problems were with config.

Otherwise just post here and I’ll try and help out where I can.

Paul, yes, I found the timex.htm file. I’ll add it to my list of things to work through in my learning process. 🙂

I’m glad to hear you (and others) say that they made objects for Trainz using 3DC. At least I know it’s possible now. All I have to do is find the time (and the patience) to learn how to do it too.

Thank you for your assistance.


Here are most of my 3DC Trainz models:

Happy to share any of the source models if you want examples.

Well, if this isn’t progress, I don’t know what is. 😀 A snippet from my config.txt file:

mesh ""
auto-create "1"

The “auto-create” line is evidently key, but not included when you create the asset. I had to add the line manually!?!

Some screen shots:

Tool Shed in Content Manager

Tool Shed in Surveyor

Obviously, I have to experiment with my lighting settings in 3DC a bit. My tool shed texture is washed out once I get it in the route. I’m glad I got this far. 🙂

P.S. I hate Captcha!!! 🙁

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I think the lighting effect may be caused by a material specular value of 0 – try setting it to 1 or 2 instead.

Thanks, Paul. A specular setting of 1 is working out fine. 0 caused the textures to be bright even when the Trainz environment was set to darkness! 1 allows them to dim during darkness like the rest of the scenery.

Now on to some more experimenting and discovery… 🙂

My 3DC models are showing up backward in Trainz. That’s no big deal with static scenery objects as they can be rotated, but my trackside signs are facing the wrong direction. They don’t rotate on their axis, but change sides of the track when rotated in Trainz. Maybe it’s an Australian thing… 😀

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