Animation Time Line in 8.1.6 build 1386 (Resolved)

I just finished a quite thorough run through of the 3DC animation functions. I fixed quite a few things. I think it is getting quite reliable. Certainly some things that didn’t work in 7.1 now work in 8.1.

The down side is this will result in a version 8.1.7. That will mean re-compiling 3rd party plug-ins.

I note that the animation time line still does not provide more than one line. If you press the + key to add more lines, the field increases in size but more lines are not added.

I just installed build 1390 which allegedly fixes animation time line, but it still only shows one line!

It fixes some problems with the animation timeline, but not everything it seems.

I’ll move this to the ‘bugs’ section.

I have this (and a few other timeline related bugs) fixed for the next release.

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