Animating a gauge needle for a control dial

I am currently building a cab for my diesel locomotive following to some extent the techniques used in the loco building tutorial at My problem is with animating the needles in the various gauges in the control panel. Because these are very small objects, I am finding that the red animation ‘gizmo’ is too large and completely blocks my view of the needle, making it impossible to animate correctly. Looking at the section of the loco building tutorial dealing with the gauge animations, (, it is evident that the author was able to reduce the size of the gizmo so that it only occupies the pivot area of the needle. He does not mention how he achieved this so presumably there must be a fairly straightforward means of doing this. But I have looked at all of the various options and preferences section of Crafter and can find no reference to this. I presume that I am missing something very obvious, but would appreciate if some kind person would explain to me how to do it.


My understanding is that what you are seeing is a glitch. I have not encountered it personally.

Try this. Right click in window and select “Compact Controls”

Tried that, but it made no difference to the size of the animation gizmo. Apparently some years ago a fix for this issue was found by substituting an amended version of the handle.x for the original file. I obtained that file, but unfortunately it seems to only work in the 7.1.2 or earlier versions of Canvas. It makes no difference to the current 9.2.2 version that I am using.

At the suggestion of Geoff Potter in the UKTrainsim forum, I am re-scaling the various objects to make them larger and then returning them to their original size after the animations are completed.


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