An MSTS bug ?

I’ve been generating track sections with a plugin and have come across what appears to be an MSTS bug.

At first none of the S files loaded at all, yet there appears to be nothing wrong with them.
I tried again manually building a model and it too failed to load.

The model is:

1) A single flat (trackbed) rectangle with translucency set to 1 (for alpha blending) and a TGA texture

2) a couple of rails in a child group (so the rails disappear over 700m using the non-optimized distance level export) with a different texture (solid) but no translucency

The export appears to be a completely valid S file but fails to load.
(Interestingly it generates sub_objects which we needed for street lights in an earlier thread)

If you change the first texture to translucency of 0 it works… – anyone else seen/had this problem with a model?

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