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I have not been exporting to KRS for a long time (modeling takes a lot of time !), but I remember having that kind of problem with a complex hierarchy (too many sub-groups).

No limit to objects – they all get combined into a single object on export.

A new plugin version should be out very soon (once I’ve tested it) It will work with empty groups and untextured objects will not be exported.

Unfortunately I don’t think it will fix Phil’s problem – I would need to see the 3DC model or the IGS.


I’d be happy for you to look at the file. The 3DC file can be downloaded from here..

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Hi Phil,

There were a number of problems with the model.

1) BlendATexDiff.fx is not a valid shader It should be just BlendATexDiff.
Hopefully I will have a plugin soon that will help with shader selection.
BlendATexDiff is really only needed for Translucent parts.
TexDiff (the default) will handle transparent bits provided you ahve Tx Alpha set to Transparent.
Your windows also need the Tx Alpha custom field set to Translucent.

2) Use of the Rail Sim Group field.
The roof group had a single space here and a couple of the others had a leading space character – these generated invalid groups names. I’ll change the new exporter to strip leading and trailing spaces to make sure.



Thanks for your help.

I had spotted the BlendATexDiff.fx problem and updated it using your brilliant Material manager, but forgot it didn’t save the changes, so sent you the wrong version. <!– s:roll: –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_rolleyes.gif" alt=":roll:" title="Rolling Eyes" /><!– s:roll: –>

I’ll get used to these shaders one day!

Should have spotted the spaces, perhaps a touch of not seeing woods for trees?

If I keep getting things wrong and you keep changing the exporter to deal with my problems, it will soon be idiot proof.


New plugin version.

I’ve not had a chance to test 100% so this is a bit of a beta test – see the readme for changes.

Don’t working to me. I have Vista 32.



Thanks Vlado,

I think I found the problem and fixed it.


super. for me this problem is solved. and the triangle problem too, until now.
thanks a lot! ! !

The problem about which we wrote here: [img:34uiynmm]http&#58;//amabilis&#46;com/forumattachments/a/tpc/f/50410947331/m/45610780641[/img:34uiynmm]
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is still unsolved. Now, problem with stencil shadow are appear. The same source file, but diferent results. With old exporter the shadow is OK, with new exporter the shadow is bad. The stencil shadows have no more compact, there have cracks. Sorry for my English.


I have a question. Maybe you can answer it. If I link textures with your RailSimX Field is this positive for the Framerate in the game or only simpler to handle?



I’m not sure whether you’ve been made aware of it yet but there is an issue with cap files and your exporter. Now I haven’t used the very latest version because I was getting good results with the one about two generations old, so if you’ve accomodated that issue already then ignore this.
Just to let others know, if the part names of the track_cap file are converted to lower case the file won’t show up in RS – at least it hasn’t for me. The old exporter seems to work fine for that for now.

J+�r+�me – Not so much a frame rate gain as a disc space, startup speed and memory gain.
The linked textures are only loaded once.
It’s just like ‘aliasing’ sounds or cabs in MSTS1

Bill – try this one….

Thank you Paul for the amazingly fast response. I’ve now given it a try and it works just fine. I do hope that you realize just how much many of us appreciate all you do for us and the community. Many thanks again.

Ths shadow texture is ignored by the Sim. Just use one of the others you’ve already used to reduce the number required by the model.

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