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I have reinstalled 3DC 7.1.2 into my new computer, but have forgotten where to get the new Alternative Exporter for RailWorks.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Dick

It’s here.




I saw the 3Dc 7.1.2 plugins on that page, but that did not include the new exporter.

So I am still looking for the new alternative exporter for RailWorks.

You are right, it is not in the plug-ins pack.
I cannot find it on his site either.

PM me your e-mail adres and I e-mail it to you.



Thanks, but I was able to copy the entire export plugins folder from my old computer to my new one, and it worked, I have it now on my new installation. I am still curious though what the original source of the plug in was.

that was Paul Gausden that wrote the Alternative exporter. I understand it is now part of 9.1, as parts are included in the one exporter provided. Admin will need to confirm that.
most if not all the plugins of pauls are available on his website, if they are no longer on his skydrive site.
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Odd – I thought RSIGS2.DLL was included in the 7.1.2 plugins? – It goes in the PluginsImportExport folder.

Richard has provided all the same features in the standard exporter for RS/RW so there should be no need for it in 3DC 8/9+ but it does have extra features for 7.1.2

I’m back for a short while, doing a bit of investigation into bones in 3DC 9….

hi Paul. Great to see your back, trust your well.
If you have time can you please do the installer for the ver 9 plugins and put it on your site for those that need it.
Also is there a way to compact triangles a bit more? Like when you import something from another source.
Would be great if one could clean it up a bit by reducing triangles.

Peter – Tools-&gt;Options, select operations Tab

look for &quot;Merge Triangles&quot; and enable the operation

Select a triangulated object and try the operation button <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

thanks Paul. I knew there had been an operation like that, but just could not find it in 9.0.4,
which only goes to show how dunb I am at times, must be the male thing.

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