A couple more useful plugins coming soon..

This one is for Steam buffs (though may be useful for others…

Bending the bases of domes and chimneys etc around a boiler…

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Avaliable via e-mail now, or from the web site once I’ve packaged it…

I now have two more plugins completed, just need to write up the help text for them.

First – andquot;Buttandquot; objects

This shifts an object or moves a group containing the selected object such that it’s bounding box is exactly at the min/max/centre of any of the 3 axes of a second selected object anywhere in the hierarchy.

Second – Simple Hand hold builder

Select a face. Enter Orientation, the length/dia/faces of the rail and staunchions (and no of staunchions)

Instant hand holds in the centre of the face (with no penetration of the face)

Should be out in a day or two..

Still working on a simple curved pipe builder based on building a andquot;formerandquot; and selecting edges.

The latest plugins, new help text and a few small updates to older ones have been consolidated and uploaded to UKtrainsim today.

They should make it onto my Highworth web site by sometime this evening GMT

WOW… that is Sooo Cool.

the hand holds certainly helps me – I usually need at least 10 of them on my little tank locos, saves me probably half an hour.

Can’t resist another picture….


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