9.1 B1095: Material sample tool not updating shape(resolved)

Update a texture file using some image editor.

Then, on previous versions, when using the material sampling tool, 1) the texture to be cropped is updated and 2) the corresponding material is updated on the related shapes.

With the current version, the second step is not done.

I did change the "reload" frequency for textures. I’ll have to check into what changed exactly.

This one has turned out to be really tricky. 3DC has all these new improvements to reduce the freqency of loading of textures. I hate to mess with them. But, it would be nice if there were some way to force a reload of a texture.

A procedure for doing this:

1) Sample as you did previously
2) click the "maximize" window button (and the "resore" button if you’d like)

This works in the current version, but it only works if the texture hasn’t been loaded recently. In the next version it will always work.

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