9.0.4 1008 Texture flips with Shifttool (resolved)

When moving a shape with the ShiftTool ( from the edit-toolbar) in the Z direction, the texture flips from top to bottom.
Using standard coordinate mode.
Shifting in X or Y direction does not flip the texture.

See picture




I haven’t managed to reproduce it. Can you give me instructions on how to reproduce it, or better yet, a model that has the problem? (<!– e –><a href="mailto:support2@amabilis.com">support2@amabilis.com</a><!– e –>). Thanks.

Some more testing revieled that it is not the texture that flips, but the shape is inversed.

Put a cube on a new scene, rotate the perspective view 180 degrees.
Move the cube in the Z direction ( with X and Y locked ) with the Shift Tool.
The shape becomes inversed .



Agreed. This is very clearly a problem.

I have this fixed for the next release.

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