8.2.4 build 1072 Cannot select cube in wireframe mode.

You cannot select a cube in wireframe mode, if there is a solid cube behind it.

Put a cube on the scene, position it at X=12 Z=10
Put another cube on the scene, position it at X=8 Z=10

Right click on the right cube (the one with X=12) and select Draw/wireframe.

In the right orthographic view, you cannot select the cube in wireframe anymore.

This happens in 3DCrafter 8.2.4 build 1072 and 3DC 8.2 build 1600.

Is this normal behavior, or is this a bug.?

I’m not sure if this is mentioned before, I could not find it after a quick search.



It is "sort of" normal behaviour. It’s supposed to be possible to click "through" a shape that you have chosen to display in wireframe, so that you can select it’s group (for example), or some other component behind it. It’s a feature, of sorts.

But, having said that, I see that it isn’t 100% correct since if the whole view is in wireframe, it’s not possible click "through" wireframe shapes. Not sure if it should. Hmmm….

Thanks for the answer, I wanted to edit the object in Wireframe, with a solid object, with a drawing on it, in the background.
I do it now with the object translucent, but I cannot see the drawing very clear.



I’m going to move this to "outstanding issues" since I’m not quite sure what to do with it right now, and it isn’t exactly a bug.

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