Thanks Paul! Appreciate your efforts! andnbsp;:D

Rich Garber

I’ve just done a quick recompile of my plugins to get them working with
They are currently being uploaded as I type…

<!– m –><a class="postlink" href="http://www31.brinkster.com/decapod/plugins601.htm">http://www31.brinkster.com/decapod/plugins601.htm</a>&lt;!– m –>

There is a bandwidth restriction on this site so the download may stop at some point, if so try again after midnight US time.


I’ve sent it to Richard, so hopfully he’ll pick it up before he leaves for his holiday..

If not, it is now available at the url above…


Can you send that file to me so I can post it?


apologies, I’m experiencing ISP troubles – I’ll try and get them online some time tomorrow…

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