3DCrafter RailWorks Update Coming

I’m adding a new option to the Trian Simulator Wizard to support RailWorks, and I need some clarification.

What actually needs to be done to 3DCrafter in support of RailWorks 1/2/3?

3DCrafter correctly identifies the location via the registry, correct?

Is it just that the Train Simulator Wizard does not support RWAceTool? Is this tool used both for RailWorks 1 and RailWorks 2?

Anyone know what might need to be done for RailWorks 3?

Is there any need to export differently to RailSimulator and RailWorks, other than the RWAceTool issue?

Also, there’s been a request or two for the ability to export to a specific folder with the Train Simulator wizard. How much value is there in this? Right now there are two options. Export to the "RailSimulator" folder or "Documents" folder. Usually the "RailSimulator" folder is locked, so most people would export to "Documents", which is the default. Does 3DCrafter not export to the correct location for RailWorks if "Documents" is unselected?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

the few times I have used the TSwizard, I have exported to a folder on my D drive where all my 3DC work goes,
its seems happy enough to export to any folder as long as it can find the ToAce program it needs. I just keep a copy of toace in the export folder for it to find.
TSwiz will make the subfolder in my export folder then.

Kinda fun… I wrote most of the changes the Train Simulator Wizard while waiting in the Vancouver Train Station. Though, waiting for a bus, not a train <!– s:-) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!– s:-) –>

The Wizard exports by default to the folder RailworksSourceDeveloperAddonSceneryBuildings (assuming you have chosen to export the model as a Scenery / Building object). Exporting to the Documents folder is a bit pointless and only necessary for those who don’t know how to set things up under Windows 7.

This DeveloperAddon folder works fine, but most users do need the items exported to their own folder in the Source tree, so they have to move the items manually before running them through the Blueprint editor in RailWorks.

In my case, the folder can be SourceMikeSimpsonMSSceneryStations etc. There are many possible folders I might want the items to be in, however this is no big deal, but it would be nice to be able to select.



I’m just discovering this topic…

What I feel is just missing for RW2 (if you have RW1 installed, steam will update to RW2) is:
1) the ability to export directly to RW2 folder instead of the RS folder. This avoids the need to export to RS and copy files to RW2 or export to documents and copy files to RW2.
However, in the above replies, I understand some have been able to export directly to the RW2: 1) Provide RW directory instead of RS directory 2) Copy of toace in the export folder

2) Then it will be better to use RWAceTool instead of ToAce which will likely won’t be supported anymore by the editor.

There is a new shader TrainGlassWeatherEffects.fx:

For example, from a TgPcDx file:
[code:30zxys88] &lt;ShaderName d&#58;type=&quot;cDeltaString&quot;&gt;TrainGlassWeatherEffects&#46;fx&lt;/ShaderName&gt;
&lt;e d&#58;type=&quot;cDeltaString&quot;&gt;textures&#91;00&#93;sec_cab_wmotion_diff_nm&lt;/e&gt;
&lt;e d&#58;type=&quot;cDeltaString&quot;&gt;textures&#91;00&#93;sec_cab_wmotion_diff_nm&lt;/e&gt;
&lt;e d&#58;type=&quot;cDeltaString&quot;&gt;textures&#91;00&#93;sec_cab_wmotion_norm_nm&lt;/e&gt;
&lt;e d&#58;type=&quot;cDeltaString&quot;&gt;textures&#91;00&#93;sec_cab_wmotionanim_nm&lt;/e&gt;
&lt;Name d&#58;type=&quot;cDeltaString&quot;&gt;weatherglass_1&lt;/Name&gt;
&lt;CollisionSurface d&#58;type=&quot;cDeltaString&quot;&gt;METAL&lt;/CollisionSurface&gt;

There are 4 slots but the first 2 are identical. I believe there would be the need to update the exporter to duplicate the first 2 slots when TrainGlassWeatherEffects.fx is used (I don’t know the impact in the igs file).
All the 3 texture files have an alpha channel.

Any News On The New Update For The Exporter?



Description of TrainGlassWeatherEffects.fx:
Reflective glass with cubic reflection map and diffuse. TEX1 RGB Diffuse A Translucency, TEX2 Cubic environment map, TEX3 Normal texture placeholder, TEX4 Backbuffer placeholder

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