3DCrafter 8.2.5: Cannot change an extruded shape (resolved)

I came across this one again[/url:3af8ocjz].

Create a shape w/ the extrude building tool.

Script shift center.

Double click on the shape to update it.
Modifications are taken into account in the extrude tool window.

But after exiting, the shape is not changed in the scene.

So, what you expect is that the center operation will be disabled, correct? And this isn’t happening? (3DC does not reapply plug-ins, and some operations, depending on what was selected)

I’m just expecting 3DC to take into account the changes I made in the extrude tool.
I understand that the layers (shift script, in the example) may not be reapplied.

So the problem is that once a shape is created with the extrude tool, it cannot be modified (change of quality level, points added or moved,…).

Ok. I think I have this one fixed. It was a bit of a tricky one though because it affects a lot of things. Hopefully there won’t be a new problems pop from it. (fingers crossed)

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