3DC9.1.1b1244:Animation updates change positions (resolved)

I have to reopen this problem as it is not solved in 911b1244.

I did the same steps as in the pdf sent but, after moving the keyframes, before exporting the animation, I updated the position of 2 shapes.

For each grey shapes (named EssuieGlaceBarreBR01 and EssuieGlaceBarreBL01), select a point at the top of the shape and apply plugin shift center on selection (Animation is at step 00).
Adjust the position of these shapes so that they are back where they were before the plugin execution.
In the animation toolbar, select the last keyframes column (the keyframes which were moved backwards from column 01).
Adjust the position of the 2 shapes so that they are parallel to the thicker black bar.

Export the animation
Reopen the model: the wipers have been unproperly moved.

Sorry, I’m going to need a few screen captures. I’m really not sure what you mean.

screenshots just emailed.

I got the screenshots. Thanks.

This bug is fixed (fingers crossed).

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