3DC9.0.4: Error #: 3050 (resolved)

I regularly get an error when saving a model.
While saving, the disk is also busy with another program.

In the log file:
Error #: 3050 Error Description: Impossible to lock the file. Error Location: 3DCrafter – VB2N.Bdh.CompleteV2

I think I can simulate this one. I guess a suitable error would be to just warn the user that the file is locked.

I haven’t been able to simulate this. It’s not as simple as a file being locked. I think it is some sort of database issue. I’ll have to do some more research.

There is no real resolution to this problem, but I’ve come up with a "work-around" of sorts. Rather than crashing, 3DC will give the user the opportunity to save again, or save with a different file name.

Unfortuntely there is no way to know for certain if what I came up with will work. It looks to me like I’ve done what is required, but only time will tell.

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