3DC material attributes and maps for RS / RW (Updated v9)

V6: Note added about texturing when using normal maps.

V7 : keyword is translucency not transparent.

V8: More information on texturing using normal maps.

After coming across a post from vlado[/url:2efit75j], information added about changing SPECULARPOWER, CUSTOMPARAM0, CUSTOMPARAM1, CUSTOMPARAM2.


For additional use on attributes:
1) On rain effect on windows see topic "Rain on Cab effect "[/url:2qeman1p]
Shiny bits on the surface of the wheels – how?[/url:2qeman1p]

Picture from the second post updated as well as pdf file with selectable text.

Thanks Dom, very usefull.



This topic was originally located in the old Amabilis forum (http://amabilis.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4130). It can still be accessed there. Unfortunately, when the topic was exported to the new forum, it was no longer possible to view the table that DOM107 created setting out the various shaders used in RailWorks and how they are to be used. When I checked the old forum, I found that the attachment which contained the table was completely distorted and could no longer be viewed. The old forum contained a zip file (http://amabilis.com/forum/download/file.php?id=117&sid=fc0e4e622513d6a9caefd4c95bdd1a60) which also had the table, but in spite of downloading it several times, it refuses to open in any of my file extraction programs. I don’t know if DOM107 still reads this unfriendly forum, but I wonder if he, or anyone else who may have a copy of this table, could upload it to a file sharing service (or to UKTrainSim). I had a printed copy of the table, but alas, I have mislaid it.

Is this what you are looking for: 3DC_RW_Material maps and custom keywords v3.pdf?

here is a link to download it from my cubby (similar to Drop Box).

Just a small update: I won’t guarantee this link to be around forever. I really wish this forum (or whatever you want to call this wordpress thing) would support attachments and the like.

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Indeed, that is the document. Very grateful to you, sir. I now have it on my PC.


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