3DC a real registry pig

The next version of 3DC will not create registry entries for dlls. 3DC is going ‘[img:32v3c65d]http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms973913.aspx[/img:32v3c65d]
‘ in the next release. It should be available sometime this month.

Pardon the subject line but the current version of 3DC looks to be registering loads of entries in the windows registry.
I could not get v8.2 running thus I decided to manually clean out the 3DC entries from my registry and there were a lot of those despite I had de-installed 3DC.
Classes, interfaces and type libraries where infested with 3DC entries.
I sampled the type libraries starting with ‘F’ (hex digits) and beginning with 102 entries after cleaning out the 3DC entries I were left with 33 entries.
More than 50% of my entries in the type libraries section due to 3DC!
This machine is only 5 months old but as a professional developer I tend to install and use more programs than the average user.
Due to the shell still being VB6 and every operation and plug-in seemingly its own ActiveX object the application goes registry crazy.
I do hope that in a not too distant future we will see the .net version of 3DC and then there be an end to the registry madness.

Agreed. I am not aware of a better way to do this. If there was a better way, I’d almost certainly do it in the next version.

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