3DC 9: 3D texture preview can be dark

It seems that the texture preview window (3D preview) in uvmap / remap doesn’t take Directional #1 value into account.

For RW2, it means that textures are quite dark in the preview window (Diffuse 50 / Ambient 1 / Specular = Translucent = 0 / Directional #1 = 175).

It has it’s own lighting. It doesn’t use the lighting you have setup for your scene.

Could this be changed? (It maybe not be the exact lighting as the scene but something close)

It’s very tricky to adjust textures w/ material attributes settings for RW2.

I really don’t know. I’ll have to investigate. My first guess is that I can’t change it without causing other problems. But that’s a guess.

This can’t be improved currently. I’m looking at a new default lighting that could improve this, but it won’t be implemented for a few more months.

I’ll move this to the "outstanding issues" forum.

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