3DC 9.1:Script menu access when using many scripts(resolved)

When there are more scripts than the screen height, you can go down the menu to select a script name which is not displayed.

Then, it’s not possible to go up to select the first scripts in the list or to select the menu part with the recently used scripts.

yes, its rather a problem, PIA actually. Is there some way we can spread the scripts out a bit. I would rather not unload any of them, cause thats defeating the purpose of having these fine tools anyway.
maybe a common used and a not so common, and able to move them between depending on project.
anything has got be better then losing half the menu. please

I’m not quite sure what to do about this. I’ll think on it.

I think this is worth doing. The problem is I have some technical issues related to this. I should be able to do something, it’s just not clear yet how much.

I managed to find enough empty menu items to implement this.

In the next version, script writers will have the options of prefixing "Information-", "Material-", "ShapeBuilder-", or "Trainworks-", to have them sorted into sub-menus.

Many scripts will likely still be unclassified, making them part of the main scripts menu. Probably the title "ShapeBuilder-", should be different since most scripts won’t actually "build" shapes, but many will "expand" shapes. I think any script that expands a shape considerably (such as an extrude) or creates a shape belong in the "ShapeBuilder-" category.

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