3DC 9.1: View not saved (as designed)

"admin":10aer26e wrote:
o) Model Specific View Arrangements

View arrangement details, including divider locations, view mode, grid style and camera positions are now saved with each model.[/quote:10aer26e]

When using the default view (single view), the view position is not saved.
As soon as "two vertical views" is selected and then back to the single view, the view position is saved in the single view.

Yes, that’s true. There are a number of ways that it is saved, including what you described. I’ll have to think of why I implemented it that way, and see if there is a way to change it.

The view information is saved with the model. If you change some attribues of views without saving the file, the view information will not be saved. 3DCrafter does not (usually) flag a file as changed simply because of view change, so it’s quite possible the view information will not be saved.

Having said all of that, I did come across a situation where the information should have been saved and wasn’t. I’ll look for the cause.

Finally, I figured this out.

For single views, I intentionally reset the camera to a default view so that when beginners get lost, simply opening and closing the file will reset to the default view.

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