3DC 9.1: Texturing problems / File too big (resolved)

1) 3DC_PbTex01.jpg: Face textured with brush + face coordinates. In UV remap, nothing is selectable. To make the texture outline selectable, it is necessary to add some edges to the face.

2) 3DC_PbTex02.jpg: Shape textured with UV map + face coordinates. The circled face is not correctly textured. Using UV remap after selecting the face, you see what should be displayed. At step 3, using extrude makes the face correctly displayed.

3) I’m sending a sample with the 2 shapes. The file was made by removing shapes. The file is as big as the orignal file.

The other image file.

The problem shown in the first image is the result of two faces being over top of each other. Just delete the one on top.

I haven’t figured out the second issue yet. It seems that 3DC is reversing the order of the UV coordinates. Probably due to the shape of this particular face. I have an easy work-around, but I’ll see if there is a good solution.

I have the second issue fixed for the next release.

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