3DC 9.1.1: Shift along XZ in Object coordinates (resolved)

Drop a cube on the scene
Rotate it (say, 30 X orientation / 50 Z orientation)

Set object coordinates. With the edit control, moving along X or Z is done along world coordinates not object coordinates.

This makes very difficult the positioning of cab small objects on an inclined consol.

Edit: I see I posted something similar here[/url:2ku4lmhm].
Please note that the behaviour along Y is correct.

I can’t reproduce this. I think I am probably not understanding. When I do that it moves along the axes of the shapes’ group.

Please find attach a scene with a tilted cube.

Open the scene as it is.
Select world coodinates. Press X and shift with edit control.
Select object coodinates. Press X and shift with edit control. Same move as above.

I don’t use the X, Y, Z buttons anymore but I thought suddenly, it could give the expected behaviour. It’s even worse.

So, ignorning for a moment the questonable constraining, does the shape move along the shape’s XZ plane of rather than the world’s XZ plane? It does for me. I understand that you feel it does not move as you would like, but does it move along the shape’s XZ plane? It seems to me if "y" is correct than the XZ plane should be right also, but specifically what is "x" and what is "z" is the issue. And, of course that you can’t constrain movement to the shape’s X and Z as you would like.

"admin":3px2tzvd wrote:
does the shape move along the shape’s XZ plane of rather than the world’s XZ plane?[/quote:3px2tzvd]
The Edit control is allowing movements according to the chosen coordinates system.
And consistently, yes, the shape moves along the shape’s XZ plane when the shape coordinates system is chosen.

To keep things consistent, constraint movement has to be along the axis coordinates system chosen by the user.
If I use the shift selection operation, choosing a X shift will hopefully move the shape along X of the shape coordinates system (when this mode is selected of course). However, I’m not using the shift selection operation because the shape axis system will not be moved w/ the shape and I need to adjust the position precisely of an unknown amount according to what I see on the screen.

Ok. I understand the problem now and will look into what can be done.

This is resolved, but perhaps not exactly as you envision. Constrain of X, Y and Z in shape coordinates mode now work as expected.

Keep in mind that x,y,z on the edit control does not map directly to x,y,z in shape coordinates. This is by design to simplify the use of the mode for beginners.

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