3DC 9.1.1: Difficult shape selection (resolved)

Something I noticed a long time ago but I was unable to give a way to reproduce it.

I still don’t have found one…

It occurs after working on the model for some time.
After using shape duplication of a small object and moving the object with Alt arrow, it may be difficult to select an object close to it.
The selection would go to the group of the moved shape (in the hierarchy tree the selection will be on the group name rather than the shape name itself).
The solution is to quit 3DC and reopen it again to have a proper selection behaviour (memory problem?).

Maybe this not too clear / loose description will ring a bell on the problem…

My best guess is that the group representation is being selected. When a new shape is created, it’s group representation is not hidden even if all of the others are hidden. This is intentional. What you can do is right-click on it and hide it, or simply unhide all group representations and re-hide them.

Actually, I’m pretty confident this is the cause. It’s the only sensible explanation.

I’m thinking that perhaps I don’t have to show the group representation for new shapes if all groups representations are hidden.

I changed the behaviour of group display. Now when a new shape is added or duplicated, the group will be shown/hidden based on the show/hide setting for groups on the main toolbar. This is a bit of an exception since with other items the item is always shown, but group representations are an exception anyhow since they are never directly added.

I think this should cure the issue, so I’ll call this resolved.

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