3DC 9.0.4:Same type of textures w different looks(resolved)

I noticed that textures with the same look (same white, same blue, same transparency, same 3DC attributes) may not have the same rendering in 3DC and also after export to RW2: The white and the blue is darker in the right part of the image below.

It seems to be related to added points(below at the right of the image).
I tried to add edges between the points: it didn’t change anthing.

I’m sending an example.

This is going to be tough to explain, I think. It’s a creasing issue.

You’ve got lots of experience with creasing, I think. In this particular case, the creasing calculation don’t work exactly as you’d like due to the fact that left to right the shape is not geometrically symetrical, and there are colinear edges.

You might be able to improve the creasing by selective creasing of edges. For example, I selected the edge that looks bad, plus the edge directly above and directly below and creased them with minimum creasing. This fixed this particular problem, but not everything. You might find that you can selectively crease points, edges or faces to correct the problem. But, you also might find that you have to change the geometry to get it perfect. But, even then there are a lot of potential issues, because there are colinear edges, which can also cause some problems with calcuations.

So I see I can adjust creasing with edges and points, not only the whole shape (something I missed from version 9? 8?).

The adjustment is going to be complicated, so I’m going to remove all the faces added for texts to have a better resolution and add faces with texte + transparency close to the edge of the shape.

The face/edge/point creasing features have been around for a long time. The Edge creasing was improved considerably in version 9.

Another option is to try the new and improved "Optimize" operation. It has "normal welding". With the right setting, it might cure it. There might not be a need to change the geometry.

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