3DC 8 vanished (Resolved for 8.1)

I cannot find a cause of 3DC vanishing. I’m confident that it is not a 3DC bug, even though I have no explanation.

I have resolved both of the issues you mentioned with the hierarchy. It works much better now even than in previous releases, imo. vanished without a trace when I dragged an object from one group to another.
No crash, no auto recovery on restart. Lost an hours work.

I’m also not too happy with the way the hierarchy view collapses when you drag/drop objects.

Selecting all shapes in a group and using the hierarchy drag used to move all but now only moves one.

That’s not good. I’m trying to think of what could have caused it. In order for 3DC to no re-load an unsaved file it would have needed to think that 3DC closed normally. I’ll have to do some hunting.

I’ll look at the hierarchy issues too.

3DC 8 is going to need some refinements. So much was changed.

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