3DC 8.2.7 Build 1111: Cannot update layer properly(resolved)

While using extrude tool or scale, I notice that any change of value is not taken into account or it’s taken into account with some delay.

For example, scale a cube from X=1.0 to X=10.0
Update X in the shape layer to 20.0 (Parameters window in the lower left)
No visible change
Update X again to 50.0
Now the size is 20.0!

Yes, I can confirm this. (Build 1111 on Win7)
I have build 1109 on my XP system, and the bug is also there.



This is a very strange one. I’m very curious to see what the cause is.

This problem was related to the issue where disabled layers were not being reapplied properly.

It’s fixed now and released.

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