3DC 8.2.5:Component library colour loss (resolved)

I have an all green object in the component library used as for a RW2 shadow.

If I change the texture library, using one form a different model, after exit / reload of 3DC, the object in the component library is all white. It’s also white when pasting it in a scene.

Does this always happen? With new shapes?

Also, do you have the shape in a 3DC file BEFORE adding to a component library?

Here is the sequence of actions (see attached zip file):

3DC_Lib01 : open model with related texture library loaded
Add to component libray as shown on image.

3DC_Lib02 : Change texture library
Component library still OK.
Exit from 3DC, after clearing the scene or not.

3DC_Lib03 : Reload 3DC. Component color changed

This is an untextured shape? Just has a colour?

Can you make it happen every time?

I did some testing and can’t reproduce it.

Yes I can reproduce it every time.

I’ll send the model stored in the library tonight.

I mean, can you add something to the library, and have it lose the color each and every time?

As long as I don’t change the texture library, I can add something in the library with object using the textures in the library. With no loss of color.
The pb is when I switch texture library.

I’ve sent the model used for export in the library.

The colour "green" is actually a texture (as you know), and 3DC seems to lose track of where the texture is. I was able to reproduce this by having the texture not be in the same folder as the library.

Do you keep the texture with the library?

The bmp file for the green color is in the texture library (not sure if it replies to your question).

When working on a model, I add the texture files to the model texture library as soon as they are needed.

3DC must be able to find the texture, which means either the texture. To be sure that 3DC can find it, it is best that the texture be stored in the same folder as the component library.

I’ll call this resolved since I am certain that the problem is that 3DC is not finding the texture, and there is a way to ensure that 3DC can find the texture.

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