3DC 8.2.5 Error 91 on export DirectX (resolved)

When exporting a model trhough the file menu to DirectX, the program crashes with error 91.



I can’t reproduce this. I probably will need the file (<!– e –><a href="mailto:support2@amabilis.com">support2@amabilis.com</a><!– e –>). Or if you can give me instructions on how to reproduce it.

No special instructions I ‘m afraid.

With nothing selected, I go to the file menu, export/directx.
I answer yes, on the question about group animation.
Right after that, error 91.

I will send the model.

I just tested this on a few other models, the all give error 91.



I’ve made some progress. I have fixed two bugs related to this, one of which may have affected some other plug-ins. I still have at least one more to go.

Your model is a great &quot;stress test&quot; for the exporter.

Actually, it’s a great stress test for 3DC just generally.

I found the last problem and it is that the DirectX format doesn’t permit names that start with digits (it seems), so I’ll update the exporter to deal with it.

I have this fixed for the next release.

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