3DC fails to load

I had the same problem (not being able to get past the splash screen) until I reinstalled Win7. (for unrelated reasons). On a whim, I reinstalled 8.2b1506 and, lo and behold, it worked. After reloading all my other programs, my system is virtually the same as before, but b1506 loads without incident now. Unfortunately, it still has other problems.

Same as with earlier release of 8.0.2, installation is fine, splash screen showing and then it fails.
When starting the program recognizes a previous failure and asks if to revert to default settings?
I answer yes to this but no difference, still fails.
Going back to 8.1.7 once again. <!– s:( –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /><!– s:( –>

May be it’s because 3DC still tries to use the 8.1 libraries with custom objects in the components library.

Did you remove ‘Documents3DC 8.1’?

Then after removing ‘Documents3DC 8.1’, you’ll need to adjust some parameters (see [img:2gopg4ya]http&#58;//amabilis&#46;com/forumattachments/a/tpc/f/179102192/m/390104374[/img:2gopg4ya]
). These initialization problems don’t prevent 3DC from loading.

Don’t think it’s the same problem as you experienced because my 3DC v8.2 never gets past the splash-screen.
I now went through my whole hard-drive and registry removing everything having to do with 3DC.
Took quite some time as there are tons of registry entries for 3DC!?!
After that I made sure to install latest Windows updates and had a fresh reboot.
Installed 3DC v8.2 build 1506 as downloaded from here.
Made a new reboot to let everything settle down.
Same crash as before! [img:29fgz28u]http&#58;//community&#46;groupee&#46;com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_mad&#46;gif’%20alt=’Mad’%20width=’15’%20height=’15[/img:29fgz28u]

Now I’m giving up on version 8.2, I will stay with v8.1.7 for the time being until there is a new major release of 3DC.
That be either version 8.3 or 9.

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