2PB : Vanishing doors / UID : 200000

Thanks for the hint (ink dropper tool).

Now the model is working (hierarchy modification; interior import in exterior using the object library).

This is very tricky. For ease of move, I created 2 children in the model and UID 200000 was back.
I removed these 2 children to have the model work again !





Below are my questions. Thanks for your help.

PB1 : Vanishing doors

The next 2 images are views in shape viewer of the outside of my model.



Mainly, it is made of the outside shape + doors.
Where the doors are located, there is a hole (not a face with transparency applied) in the outside shape.
From one side, the doors are seen. From the other side, the doors are not seen.

Of course there is the same problem when I add the interior to the model.

PB2 : UID : 200000 error when loading a route w/ my model in MSTS

This happens when I have my complete model : interior (image below) and outside.
There are around 10,000 polygons.

If I remove the seats at the edge of the model (see arrows), the model works in MSTS (12 seats).
If I remove more than 12 seats in the middle portion but leave the seats at the edge, I have the MSTS crash again.

So the problem is related to the seats at the edge, not because they are too many polygons.
I tried moving randomly the seats in the hierarchy but I didn’t find a good location.

I tried all day and found no solution.

The first problem is caused by the sorting order of the translucent parts.
(I presume you set the material translucency to 2 for the door textures)

The interiors of the doors need to be rendered before the exterior.

To do this:

Try selecting the exterior faces of the doors and run my Face Split plugin

This will create new sub groups containing the door exteriors.

New groups should get rendered last in the S file.

As for the 200000 problem – this is a limitation in MSTS, no one has pinpointed exactly what causes it, but models of over 10000 polys can cause crashes, yet some models have managed over 18000 and work fine.

In general, try to avoid having more than 3000 polygons in a single group – take a look at the object hierarchy with my SView program version 1.5 or 1.6 (out very soon)

Thanks Paul (I just read about TMTS news and your involvement in the project : I hope error handling is better than in MSTS !).

PB1 : it was a simple error; I used by error Specular=85/Translucent=2 for the inside of the doors instead of Specular=0/Translucent=0.

Btw :
a) How to know the values of Specular/Translucent applied to a face ?
b) There is no way to change these values on a face. I had to retexture the incorrect faces.
Using swap texture after setting Specular/Translucent to the proper value doesn’t change anything.

PB2 : Someone tells me to try FreightAnim in eng file. Doesn’t work so far; I need more information on FreightAnim.

a) the ink dropper tool on the right loads the current face material into the material tab.

b) use the ink dropper tool, correct the translucent value in the material, select the faces and run the update material plugin.

You can use translucent materials on the interior (as I described), but transparent as you have done (translucency=0) I find just as good and less problematic.

PB2: – you need to separate out parts into another model (under the scene object in the 3DC hierarchy) positioned at the same point in space as your main model.

Just export this new model as an S file and add the freight anim line in the WAG file.

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