x2rwx: for ActiveWorlds users

Free? I think you mean LP/Pro users. The free version doesn’t export DirectX.


There is a new version of [b:gpsh696f]x2rwx[/b:gpsh696f] (2.6), which converts DirectX X files (and 3ds files) to Renderware RWX 3d files and to SEQ animation files. andnbsp;Thanks to Richard’s new DirectX export code, that exports the names of Frames, the new [b:gpsh696f]3DC 5.07[/b:gpsh696f] can be used by all, free / LP and Pro users, to make objects, avatars and animations for ActiveWorlds universes.

The zipped version of x2rwx with html instructions can be downloaded at:
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Oops, I’ll correct the posts: posted to a few newsgroups. Thanks for the info!


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