winner 3d canvas tutorial contest!

well i guess since no one else wants to congratulate maindric i guess it isn’t going to hurt if i do it again….congratulations to maindric…..that diddn’t hurt a bit….

maindric is the winner of the 3dc tutorial contest at made a nice tutorial on how to model a bridge and has won the beginner catagory for $25 and the grand prize for the best overall tutorial for $50…
atotal of $75 just for sharing his knowledge with beginners to 3dc…lets all start sharing our knowledge..not for money but for the satisfaction and blessing associated with helping others… sure and congratulate maindric for his hard work….congratulations, maindric…you can view his tutorial at [img:12ng43s2][/img:12ng43s2]
or at maindric’s site at [img:12ng43s2][/img:12ng43s2]
maindric games
feel free to join the forums at both sites…pirate

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