Windows 10 reduced "Pro" to "Free"

I had 3DCrafter Pro. The computer upgraded to Windows 10 (I’ve been turning it down for a year, but I must have missed the “I don’t want now or ever button!”), and the next I know, I have W10, but NOT 3DC Pro!

Somehow, the free program has retained Trainworks, but lots of the things I used in 3DC have disappeared!



So sorry for the delay, I missed your post. You may need to uninstall/reinstall and re-enter your license code.

I reported this same issue in June 2014, while using Windows 8.1. And like John, I still have this problem with Windows 10. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not resolve this issue. After a few days 3DC ‘Pro’ still reverts back to ‘Freeware’. I use Blender now, but it’s irritating to have paid for software that doesn’t work properly.

This still happens for you on the current release? I really thought I had found the problem and corrected. Quite a while ago.

Actually, thinking more on this, I used to have this problem too, but not with the current release.

Yes, this still happens with 9. (3?),which is the current release I have. I install it and register it. It shows up as the ‘Pro’ version. Then after a period of time, I open it only to find it’s reverted to ‘freeware’. I don’t know the time involved, but it seems to be a few days.. This happens with 7.1.2 and 8.? also.

I’m really surprised. 9.3 Build 1620 should be fine. There’s nothing I can do about 3DC 7 and 8 unfortunately.

The build of 9.3 that I had installed is 1591. I downloaded 1620 and installed it today (6-13-16). I’ll give it a try and see what happens. I’ll post results. I hope 1620 works.

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Fingers crossed!

When I installed 9.3 b1591 on 6-13, I had 7.1.2 already installed. I neglected to check it until the next day (6-14). It had reverted back to freeware, so I re-entered my license. I checked today (6-20) and 7.1.2 had reverted back to freeware. However, 9.3 b1591 still loadsas ‘Professional’. I’ll check keep checking it every few days.

Sounds promising.

Still having the problem of it reverting to freeware and having to enter my licence code again.

Any solution?



Sorry, I missed this one. Is this 3DC 9 Build 1620?

I uninstalled 7.12 and reinstalled 9b1620. After several weeks, it had not reverted back to ‘freeware’. I installed 9b1649 and removed 9b1620. It’s been several weeks now and 9b1649 is still opening as ‘professional’. Maybe having 7.12 installed is a problem?

Build 1649 Richard.

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