Windows 10 and Povray


I treated myself to a new tablet for Christmas that runs Windows 10 64 bit. 3DC v10 preview installed and running fine but Povray 3.7 is playing up a bit. Seems to install fine but it doesn’t want to play with 3DC and I get a message saying Povray is not installed properly. I just wanted to check that others are using Povray 3.7 with Windows 10 without problems, its probably something I am doing wrong.


I was having that problem myself a while back but I thought I fixed it. Does it work with an untextured sphere for example, or does it simply not work at all?

Have you disabled script restrictions in POVRay? (selected “No restrictions”)

I don’t think there is any problem with 3DC. When firing up just povray the program itself needs help finding pvengine32-sse2. I will keep experimenting. Is there a way of telling 3DC where to find the renderer?


My apologies for the delay. I read this earlier and forgot to respond. I think the key is to find the POVRay installation exe and create a shortcut to it. Or maybe uninstall and install the 64 bit version. Once you have it running then disable script restrictions. 3DC should then work.

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